These are the peripherals, machines, bytes and living things that I interact with. I like them. They're cool. I'll try to keep this up-to-date.


My workstation

  • While technically also my playstation, my custom PC build is also a great developer machine, though I do prefer Mac for work. While I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember, I never had anything remotely close to a gaming computer until I could afford to build a decent one myself (May 2020). This thing rips through 1440p, 144hz gameplay incredibly smoothly.

  • The Keychron K1 (Blue Switches) feels amazing, the response is quite tactile. Solid build quality too. My favorite part about this keyboard though is its low-profile keys, which feel similar to the Apple Magic Keyboard. The blue switches are too clicky for me though. I also wish there were custom low-profile keys available on the market, but I'm stuck with the stock keys.

  • I use the Gigabyte M8000X mouse. I got it as a gift a few years ago, and it has held up well (though the middle click is sometimes unresponsive). You can adjust the DPI, though I usually keep it at the lowest setting (800). It's a bit too gamer-looking for my tastes.

  • Blue Yeti Nano - Okay, I got this so I could sound better on Discord voice channels. It's useful for work calls too, I guess. But this thing does its job, and it does it very well in a small package.

  • I got the VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad as my mouse was occasionally unresponsive to some movements. Feels great to move a mouse on. The number of frags I get in Valorant is directly proportional to the condition of me owning this mouse pad, just saying. It also helps with me actively keeping clutter out of arm's reach.

  • The speakers on both sides of my desk are the Klipsch R-51PM Powered Speakers. I love how you don't need a dedicated receiver, which would add to my cable clusterfuck. Easy bluetooth connectivity is great for always being connected, but with my work Macbook, it does this weird thing where no audio plays anywhere (YouTube, calls, etc.) if you start and pause your Spotify music. The mitigation is playing a Spotify track and muting it in the application, but it's mildly annoying to do so.

Plant Friends

  • Neon Pothos (left)
  • Jessenia Pothos (right)
  • Bird's Nest Fern (desk)


My editor setup

  • Visual Studio Code - I used Atom as my first serious editor, but the community support and lightweight feel of VS Code is unparalleled.
  • The key bindings for Vim - I just can't not use Vim bindings in a development environment anymore. Whether I'm on my home editor with an emulator plugin or ssh'd to a Linux server, Vim is there for me. The learning curve is steep, but you soon learn how to navigate with your cursor. Then you have delete a line and record and repeat a macro ingrained in your muscle memory. It's a very rewarding way to edit files, to say the least. Train your Vim skills, it will pay off!
  • Color themes - the part of my editor I spend the most time on.
  • Operator Mono - Cool font. I change this on a whim though.