Patrick Tumbucon

Full-stack and full-snack engineer

The work I do

I'm a software engineer who creates full-stack experiences.

Whether it's feature work on Azure Active Directory or a Chrome extension that replaces "b" characters with the appropriate emoji, I enjoy expressing myself through the projects I take on (and how they are executed).

On the side, I've been exploring Web3 and UX design.

The work I've done

I'm currently working on Identity Governance at Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington. I work on surfacing ML/AI insights for Azure Active Directory Identity Governance. I attended UC Riverside, pursuing a BS in Computer Engineering.

Previously, I've built upon fraud-predicting ML systems at Amazon, increased search presence at Esri, professionally developed students at ACM@UCR, and organized multiple events at Citrus Hack.

Interested in more details? Check me out on Polywork!

What I like to do

Lately, I've been...

  • Maintaining and admiring my 13-gallon nano reef tank
  • Tending to my indoor garden
  • Gaming late at night with friends on Discord
    • Guilty Gear Strive
    • Apex Legends
    • Indie games (Hades, Dead Cells, etc)
  • Hiking on PNW trails
  • Point out cute dogs in public
  • Baking cakes, bread, or anything else I crave from TikTok recipes