Patrick Tumbucon

Full-stack and full-snack engineer

The work I do

I'm a software engineer who creates full-stack experiences.

I'm currently working on Identity Governance at Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington. I work on surfacing ML/AI insights for Azure Active Directory Identity Governance. I attended UC Riverside, pursuing a BS in Computer Engineering.

Previously, I've built upon fraud-predicting ML systems at Amazon, increased search presence at Esri, professionally developed students at ACM@UCR, and organized multiple events at Citrus Hack.

Interested in more details? Check me out on Polywork!

What I like to do

Lately, I've been...

  • Being a dogfather to a corgi puppy. Say hello to my little friend!
  • Maintaining and admiring my 13-gallon nano reef tank
  • Tending to my indoor garden
  • Gaming late at night with friends on Discord
  • Hiking on PNW trails
  • Point out cute dogs in public
  • Baking cakes, bread, or anything else I crave from TikTok recipes